Yelp Baltimore’s Booty and Booze Elite Event!

Arg! X-marked the spot of Yelp Baltimore's nautical naughtiness: "Yelp's Booty and Booze" Happy Hour at J. Paul's.  Elites took in the beautiful view of Baltimore's Inner Harbor while enjoying the finest fare and pirate grog around! 
             Yelp's Booty and Booze Happy Hour @  J. Paul's
"The food spread was glorious," Kris L gloats, having her choice of note-worthy, noshable nibbles. BBQ Ribs, Deviled Eggs with Crab, Shrimp Cocktail, Fried Macaroni with Tomato Jam, BBQ Chicken Nachos, and Baked Crab and Cheese Fondue we all on hand!
Heather G certainly got her grub on from the get-go! "The sauce on these wings were simply amazing and the meat was so tender, it fell off the bones.  At first, I wasn't sure if I was being over dramatic about it, since I skipped lunch and was hungry, but J Paul's couldn't seem to keep the ribs coming fast enough.  Lucky for me, my table was near the food."
Many a matey wet their whistle with sips of Jim Beam cocktails as well, including Devil's Punch (made with Devil's Cut) and "Walk the Plank" (made with Red Stag).
                            Yelp's Booty and Booze Happy Hour @  J. Paul's
It was enough to make Brandi P tap into her inner pirate: "Th' grub was on point 'n th' drinks were even better. Th' props fer th' pictures were also a great selection to th' evenin'. I thoroughly enjoyed havin' to "walk th' plank" fer all these fine elite yelpers. Me dougie-style plank swim was sure a jolly laughin' matter."
Valarie J "had fun with the mini photo set with background, complete with pirate's hats and hooks," and when required to 'walk the plank in her best pirate walk' for her next drink, she was more than happy to oblige. "Think I looked more like walking the soul train line than a plank, but glad she felt pity on me and I received my drink anyway."
A special hats off to Yelp Baltimore interns Dahna S and Brittany S – the captains of this here fine Elite Event. In the words of Kapri G: "These Yelp Baltimore women are on fire!" Fair damsels, indeed.
Until the next event…

   Yelp's Booty and Booze Happy Hour @  J. Paul's 

Elsa M.

Yelp Baltimore Senior CM

(pictured with Brittany S to the left and Dahna S to the right)