The 2012 Boston Yelpy Awards: Now In Stereoscopic 3D!

Twas an Olympic year, twas. And Boston Elites, knowledgeable in the art of ceremony, gathered en masse to honor ten of their spartan warriors. Ten who have proven themselves as masters at being funny, sending compliments, hosting rockin' UYEs or achieving life itself. On the eve of January 15th, upon the stage of Abby Lane's upstairs lounge, these ten were revealed.


** And The 2012 Boston Elite Yelpy Awards begins! **

Draped aross plush couches, mingling in the labrynthine recesses or posted up at the bar, Boston's finest assembled to pay tribute to their peers in the fourth annual Yelp Awards. The good folks of Abby Lane sent platter after platter of proscuitto wrapped figs, mushroom crostini, steak tartare, margherita pizzas and more, as Yelpers chatted, snacked and sipped Rapscallion brew and Death's Door, Don Q and Caliche cocktails in good company.


Before long, the lights dimmed and triumphant emerged. Without further ado, the winners are:

 Most Useful: Amy B            Funniest (& Best Hair): Sarah D             Coolest: Emily G       


   Most Rockin' UYEs: Jason B      Queen of Controversy: Alyssa J     Strongest Liver: Nicole V   


Biggest Foodie: David C    Best Compliments: Melissa M     Master Wordsmith: Virginia Su B


And the Lifetime Achievement award went to Nate Y, now celebrating his 7th year as an Elite!  Yelpy6

Along with the Olympic-style medals, each Yelpy winner took home a trio of mini cheesecakes from 7ate9 Bakery, a box of all-natural Quinn Popcorn and $100 in cab credit from Hailo! Plus, they each get a one-on-one victory lunch with yours truly. No Yelpy Awards are complete without a few write-ins, with Quinn E and Susan R landing Cutest (Platonic) Couple, and Ben L stroking the Best Facial-Hair-Thing-Going-On.


Tatsu captured the magic for your perusal on Flickr or under a tagging click at our Facebook album. The five-star reviews are rolling in, and Talk's got, like, four threads about the event. Congratulations to all the winners, thanks to all the partners and we hope to see you at the 2013 Yelpy Awards!

Your Illin' Emcee-


Damien S and the 2012 Yelpy Awards recipients