PVD Elites Welcome The Eddy to Downcity!

Yelp PVD's Welcome To The Eddy Elite Event "was a fun way to kick off Elite 2013 with Providence's finest!" Rebecca H found The Eddy on a frozen, blustery night to be "a cozy little respite from the city's Siberian cold snap, " and "can see how this place will quickly become a neighborhood destination of choice. It is a sophisticated and beautiful addition to Downcity." Mary L was charmed by the "ample areas to sit and chat with other elites, delicious nibbles to nosh, and stunning beverages."TheEddy1

Jennifer H "gravitated toward the warming Whiskey Sour with Uprising Whiskey, blackberry and a hint of sour, " while Jaclyn P "wanted to lick the glass" clean of her Basil Vodka Gimlet with Square One organic vodka that "was absolutely delicious – I and now I'm on the hunt for that vodka!" Rounding out the trip of featured drinks was the Square One Cucumber Collins, which "was so refreshing, it made" Aly K "feel like summer was here despite the freezing temperatures outside!"

The snacks of the evening included The Eddy's take on "grilled cheese with onion jam, a tangy mustard and ooey gooey cheddar." Jennifer E dove into "the amazing pretzels and the perfect cocktail companion, candied nuts. I enjoyed the broccoli, pesto and ham paninis as well." Jennifer H is "thrilled to report that the well-reviewed pretzels live up to the hype! They are fluffy, warm, salty goodness, and I could have eaten the whole plate!"
Rebecca H is "eager to go back on a quiet night, when I can try one of The Eddy's specialty cocktails and order a proper meal. This place is seriously cool, a great place to stop with one or two of your hip friends during a night on the town." All in all, Victor K thinks this was a "great first Yelp PVD event of 2013, and it gives me motivation to continue Yelping for the months to come!"

A big thanks goes out to our loyal and much-loved photographer Brad Smith for snapping some truly gorgeous photos of our cozy evening, and the the fantasict team of bartenders and chefs at The Eddy for warming us all up! Until next time…

Hilary H, Yelp Providence Community Manager