BYObib: SF Elites Supper Clubbin’ at Cafe Pescatore

Drunk Uncles at the holidays. Vengeful little sisters. Adorable grandpas. They all embody family, like the remarkable SF Elites & their passion of connecting people to great local businesses. Cafe Pescatore embodies family with their Wednesday Night Supper, served family-style.

It was BYOBib for the exclusive supper of whole Dungeness crab, spaghetti bologonese, garlic butter sauce and crostini, crab cakes, caesar salad and house table wines of red and white. Just before the dinner, Cafe Pescatore's bar welcome Elites for Hot Buttered Rum and Aviation cocktails, along with house beers and wines.

With it being only for elites, the Elite family got to one another even more than they do already:


"Luckily, I got confirmation to attend my first YEE of the year, which
also happened to be my first SF event ever. Boom. Review #200 worthy
material! So what do you get when you combine great company and
tons of one of my favorite things in life, DUNGENESS CRAB? A crackin'
party, if I do say so myself (HA. Crackin'. Crab. I'm funny). We drank,
we laughed, we shoved seafood into our faces. How could you not have a
good time? Impossible, I say. Immmmmmpossible. I have to admit, I was a
little nervous at first. I mean, I was on unfamiliar territory… And
+1less, at that! But SF Elites made me feel completely at home." — Vi T

"I love exclusive events for Yelp Elites only because it makes it much easier to meet people and talk to other fellow Yelpers!" — Tiffany D

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