Yelp’s Wild Wonderland

Yelp truly was a zoo for December's Elite event – Wild Wonderland at Lowry Park Zoo. What do you get when you combine free food/drinks, over a million Christmas lights, wild animals, and a group of Yelpers? Pure, unadulterated zaniness. Lowry Park is a non-profit organization that puts on great events year-round, and Wild Wonderland was no exception – just ask Jeff E. "The biggest plus for the whole event was the sheer amount of decorations. There was not one section of the zoo that was open that did not have several light displays up, each one better then the next. I really enjoyed the light display right at the entrance, and the blue forest display was also very impressive."

Wild Wonderland_1_venue_small

Nothing says holiday spirit, like free drinks at a Christmas party! "The bartender was passionate about the food and what the zoo has to offer for private events. It was refreshing to see such enthusiasm for one's job," remarks Shauna E. "The food presented to us was fresh, delicious, and innovative. I could seriously eat 100 of those pork belly bites and the s'mores brownies were out of this world!" Miranda E continues the gush-fest over the offerings "like the fat kids that we are, we made many trips to the food table, sampling the delicious goodies- lobster pot pie (um, why have I never thought to make this before?!) Yum! We also enjoyed some complimentary wine."

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As usual, being in the company of fellow adventurous foodies and great local-business-seekers is always the best way to celebrate these monumentous occasions, and Chet L agrees. "Starting off with delicious bites of food and endless drinks is the way to begin a great night in Wild Wonderland. It was great to sit and chat with new Yelp Elites and catch up with the regulars. Another great event brought to the Yelp Elite. It's such a joy and I am very grateful for belonging to such a great organization that takes the pain out of finding great things to do and eat… I'm glad to be a part of it!"

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Lowry Park Zoo has been nothing short of phenomenal to partner with, as they not only understand the value of Yelp, but really know how to bring out that "wow" factor at all of their events. As for 2012 Elite events, that's a wrap here in Tampa Bay! More delicious, adventerous, and insanely fun nights to come in 2013, but for now, I bid you a SYOY.

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Brett N

Yelp Tampa Bay Community Manager