Yelp’s Sassy Santas and Sangria Event!

Yelp Baltimore Elites made it merry with ‘Bad Santa’ and his newlywed-bride, ‘Mrs. Claus’ (his third!) at Fell’s Point’s posh new establishment – Willow

Yelp Baltimore Elites made it merry with 'Bad Santa' and  his newlywed-bride, 'Mrs. Claus' (his third!) at Fell's Point's posh new establishment – WillowYelp's Sassy Santas & Sangria Holiday Party accepted the 'nice,' but rewarded the 'naughty' with unlimited samples of white and red sangrias, cheesy nibbles, and pictures with Santa and his not-so-blushing bride

              Yelp's Sassy Elites @ Willow  Yelp's Sassy Elites @ Willow

Ruth C "had an awesome time kicking back with the Baltimore elves and lounging about upstairs to observe marriage failure of storytime proportions." Apparently, the new Mrs. Claus admitted to party-goers she just 'married the old man for the toys and fame,' not that hands-on Santa was any better! "This little Yelper let enough copped feels slide to earn an extra sumpin-sumpin in her stocking this year!" Ruth C laughs.

Yelp's Sassy Elites @ Willow Yelp's Sassy Elites @ Willow

          Yelp's Sassy Elites @ Willow  Yelp's Sassy Elites @ Willow

          Yelp's Sassy Elites @ Willow  Yelp's Sassy Elites @ Willow

The Holiday cheer was apparent throughout the restaurant. Immediately upon walking in, Valarie J was struck by the beauty of Willow and its "old world charm." Jules U was actually hit by the beauty behind the bar, thanks to the "hot bartenders with model-like features who poured stiff drinks." The night was made even more perfect for her after she got ahold of "the best guacamole" she had "tasted EVER!" Brandi P raves: "The decor at Willow was enough to make me want to come back and thanks to Yelp, I now know where it is." Fab! Closing out the old year with plans for nights out in the new, is never a bad thing!

Yelp's Sassy Elites @ Willow

Happy Holidays!

Elsa M.

Yelp Baltimore CM