Yelp OTP’s Movie Madness

We asked OTP yelpers on a dinner and a movie date. They flirted a little and finally said 'Yes!'

gathered at the brand new Studio Movie Grill in Duluth and greeted warmly by Ed, Omar, Rayna, Chef and a large smiling staff. We started with appetizers
in the beautiful bar lounge – but this was no popcorn and Skittles party, no siree!
Our cocktail hour could battle a 5-star hotel as we were served ahi tuna on crunchy seaweed,
California rolls, St. Louis BBQ ribs, salmon with cream cheese and kale
on a potato chip, crab cakes, shrimp cocktail and mini peanut butter
milk shakes, as well as signature SMG blue margaritas that were so sweet
and smooth they blue our minds! The service was impressive, Brent H
says it best: "All of the employees were tripping over themselves to
make our event spectacular
." Even the Chef served us apps!

Dec Elite Studio Movie Grill3

Elites and their guests each had the opportunity to win pairs of VIP
passes for another visit back to Studio Movie Grill, or a gift bag of
Yelp goodies in a raffle.

After cocktail hour, we moved into the theater to catch our elite-voted-on flick, Skyfall, in four rows of primo
seats that were reserved just for us. Han L complimented, the "spacious
theater is immaculate
, being new and all. The
leather?/pleather?/poly-vinyl?/non-canvas seats were very comfortable."
Agreed! We perused menus for our complimentary entree, wine and dessert
and when we had decided, we each had our own call button to request a
server! Vivian W thought "eating in the dark was an adventure" but adds
that luckily no one was injured in the process!

Dec Elite Studio Movie Grill1

When all was said
and done, even those who battled a bit of traffic to get there thought the night was
a success
! Annie L assured, "Needless to say, we'll be back."

Dec Elite Studio Movie Grill2

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Heidi P