Yelp Melbourne’s Pirate Paaarrrrggghhhtttyyy!

The forecast was for 39 degrees (celsius), the kiddy pool was filled with ice, the beers and ciders chilled and the sweet treats safely guarded… Yelpers came down to Badger Vs. Hawk for one last hoorah in 2012, decked out in pirate costumes and carrying their precious entry fees – a lemon or a lime.


Why citrus fruit? Why, to fight scurvy of course! And to garnish the refreshing welcome Gin and Tonics provided by The West Winds Gin.


Capi hydrated us with mineral water and Christmas-appropriate cranberry fruit soda. Brasserie Bread sent in hundreds of chocolate brownies to energise us for walking the plank and sword fights!


Golden Axe delighted the crowds in their lumberjack pirate hybrid costumes and their refreshing new cider got the thumbs up from wenches and sailors alike. Badger Vs Hawk's cold brewed Machete coffee was also a good energy booster and meant there was more energy for laneway shenanigans!

Bridgeport sent us some IPA, the perfect pairing with the sliders coming from the Badger Vs. Hawk kitchen – miniature versions of their regular burger menu.


As the mercury hit 40 degrees and we thought we would expire from the heat, fabulous Yelp Marketing assistants Katherine O and Emma C handed out delicious Lucky Pops iceypoles and everyone spilled out in to the laneway to sit in the shade and look at the street art.

Thanks to everyone for a fabulous first year of Yelp in Melbourne.  To our photographer, John Hewat who always captures our special monents – we love your work!

To our fabulous sponsors, Elite Squad, helpers and marketing assistants who have helped build our vibrant Melbourne community this year – you're all terrific and I can't wait for more adventures in 2013 with you

Until 2013… SYOY!

Tresna L


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