Yelp Honolulu Turns It Up To Eleven At Hard Rock Cafe

Dressed in hair band and pop rock attire, 200+ yelpers came out to Yelp Rocks Out Elite event at Hard Rock Cafe! Yeeps are always VIP and were greeted with a custom Yelp lanyard courtesy of Hard Rock, as well as free tickets to a Yelp private screening for the Hawaii International Film Festival with Yelp mobile check-in.

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It's always fab to meet new friends and a few fun-tastic ice breakers got everyone mingling. Guests matched up songs with artists and went paparazzi with a fab photo scavenger hunt. Tasked with finding new friends, going Gangnam Style and hugging the Yelp intern Pua P, yelpers took to the challenge like Marilyn Manson to eyeliner.

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Filled to the brim with tasty eats, yelpers noshed on pork sliders, spring rolls, coconut crusted chicken skewers and spoonfuls of goodness desserts! They washed it all down with cocktails from 808 Island Vodka and Heineken, as well as red and white wine!

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It wasn't the Grammy's but yelpers posed like stars against a Hard Rock backdrop and looked extremely TMZ worthy. Not shy about winning prizes, yeeps strummed their air guitars like Slash to win Hard Rock Cafe gift cards & t-shirts. 

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Did we leave you screaming like a groupie? Faint over the 5-star reviews, get starstruck with party pics by photographer Jonas Maon and rage on Talk! Til we listen to more sweet music together…

SYOY & Aloha!


Emi H (+ Yelp intern Pua P)

Senior Community Manager

Yelp Honolulu