Yelp Event @ Inn Deep

The beer was Williams Bros. The bar was Inn Deep. The city was Glasgow. The crowd was Yelp. All other details are inconsequential… but i'll tell you some anyway. You know, since I'm here and all that stuff.

Slip sliding on the icy, icy streets, a 40 plus gang of Yelpers made there way to one of Great Western Road's newest bars for a night of insanely good beer, food and chat. For those in the know, Williams Bros Brewery are synonymous with quality scottish micro brewed beers. From their early days as proprietors of a home brew shop in Partick, to their current set up as Brewers, bar owners, suppliers and supporters of the growing beer revolution within the British Isles, the brothers Williams and there growing 'Brotherhood' of beer lovers certainly know their stuff and are more than happy to spill the beery beans to anyone who will listen!
With the crowd in, warmed with homemade mulled cider and eager to sample some beery delights, Chris the bar manager took Yelpers through the plan for the evening (to paraphrase slightly): 'We pour you some kick-ass beers, give you some nibbles to match up with each beer, you taste and go 'wow'… simple!'. Never a crowd to impolite, all in attendance obliged.

With offerings including their standard lager (standard in name alone), the Joker IPA, lager hybrid (and this Yelpers personal fave) Caesar Augustus, delectable Black Ball Stout and the evenings treat of a wee nip from their Fraoch 22 (original Heather Ale finished in a sherry cask used to mature Auchentoshan Whisky), Yelpers were guided through a mere drop of their range of beers… but what a tasty drop it was!Inn7But what's beer without some grub eh? You could forgive these guys for resting on their laurels and 'dialing in' the quality of food that's on offer. In all honesty, most punters taking the stairs down to this subterranean beery cave of wonders, will not be seeking out grub, but if they do, will find the Brothers Williams offering up a strong menu of Scottish grub, homemade, challenging and certainly not what you'd expect from a beer strong boozer!

Inn6From beer battered chicken strips, homemade burgers and the utterly outstanding rhubarb and samphire sausages to the bizarre (read awesome) Alba Pine Ale ice cream (you heard!), more than a few Yelpers uttered noises of 'nom', yelps (copy-write) of 'yum' and audible squeaks of 'awww man!'.

Inn4Beer. Grub. Banter. That'll pure do.

Cheers to the folks who made it happen.To Chris from William Bros who manages Inn Deep along with his sister. Bruce Williams (one of the founding fathers!) who we were lucky to have along on the night to take us through the beer tastings and the history of the brewery. And of course to all the pure mad Yelpers who turned out, sampled the beers, supplied the banter and had fun.

Inn2Obligatory shout out to resident photo ninja Mr A Watson. You make the silly faces. He'll snap you in the act!


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Chris D

Yelp Glasgow Community Manager