Yelp Adelaide’s Tea-Totalling Tea Party @ Teasel

At Yelp Adelaide's final Elite event for 2012, Yelpers proved that there ain't no party like a Yelp Tea Party with Teasel Tea Haus. From tea-tails to dumplings, iced tea and a tea-ducation, Adelaide's Yelp Elite learnt what it meant to be a tea-totaller through and through.

TeaParty Collage

Yelp Elite started of their balmy, 36 degree Friday night with king prawn and vego dumplings and a Berri-Licious Champagne whilst "not-so folk" music serenaded them from the magical Kaurna Cronin. Although Amelia J and others prepared for a "saintly 'Tea-Totalling' night," Milush, our resident cocktail maker for the evening, banged out a Mar-tea-ni or two and Yelpers managed to
drink the place high and dry of all liquids by the ened of the evening!

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Fanning themselves as if on an exotic island, Yelpers listened to the tale of two gentleman, Mike & An,  who decided they had something unique to offer Adelaide's tea-totallers. Yelpers were then tought a tea or two by Bernice Vergou, a 60-something Life Coach who well and truly represented what living a healthy, tea drinking life could look and feel like.

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To finish off the evening, tea-ologists extraordinnaire, Mike & An, demonstrated how to brew a perfect tea and the scents and sights of over 80 different types of tea was overpoweringly delicious! As Kamini N recalls, "Forest Berries, Turkish Apple, Coconue Chai, Butterscotch Pudding –
the list goes on. One may mistake these fruity and exotic names for
desserts, but they're not. These are cleverly concocted tea blends
bearing fruits, spices and loose tea, which you will find at Teasel Tea."

A big thank you must go to all of the tea-party hosts who made our Yelpers tea-totalling experience one which was tea-ming with excitement!

  • Mike and An will be brewing your next iced tea at Teasel Tea Haus
  • Kaurna Cronin's "not too folkish" music can be found and downloaded here
  • You'll find Bernice at her Remedial Therapist practice in McLaren Vale

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Until next time SYOY!

Chloe R.