The Nite(hawk) Before Christmas

'Twas A Nite Before Christmas, and all through the theater,
Not a creature was stirring, not even a Peter (D).
You may know the cinema, great films in the lineup,
(If not you should get there, hit the website and sign up!)
But last night we rocked out in the cafe and bar,
Where cocktails and tasty treats are the star.
Jen and Caryn and Nick had a hunch,
That everyone would enjoy some poinsettia punch. 
So they mixed in with Bulldog and tasty it was, 
It gave all the yelpers one awesome buzz.
Cinnamon and lemon and grenadine tempted,
Because the London gin was perfectly blended.
Bulldog beats any gin, hands down I'm thinking,
We thank them for donating bottles for drinking.
The punch went so well with delicious snacks,
Those mushroom croquettes sure were like crack.
Truffle popcorn, deviled eggs and housemade meatballs,
If you have tastebuds then you were enthralled.
Well-dressed were the yelpers in dresses and (wood) ties,
But it was Sara R who was catching the eyes.
Although there were many that gave a run for the money,
That green dress brought votes like bees to the honey.
She won the gift bag with Bulldog and more,
13 buttons from fellow yelpers the score. 
I know I'll be back soon for cocktails and treats,
For films and fun programming I'll be in the seats.
Holler when you feel like coming back too,
I don't have any friends (not shocking to you). 
Thank Bulldog, thank Nitehawk for being sweet hosts,
They deserve good wishes and excellent toasts.
If you missed it make sure to peep photos and Talk,
Read your friends' reviews and feel free to stalk.
We're almost there and it's about that time,
Which is great because I hate to rhyme.
That's it for us in two thousand and twelve,
We're signing off, your Yelp Elite elves.
Enjoy your New Year's, may it be snowy and white,
Happy Holidays to all, and to all a good night.

Peter D & Your Yelp NYC Team