Let's hear it for one of the best burger joints in town! Smashburger’s
newest Dallas location invited 35 lucky yelpers for a tasting round of 8
different dishes
ranging from burgers and fries to salads and chicken
sandwiches before the restaurant had even opened its doors to the public
for a SMASHing Yelp Elite Event. "Whoa baby!" exclaims, Tiffany D. "Smashburger definitely knows how to host a
smashing event! I got to savor so many delicious burgers and wash them
down with Smash Burgers' memorable salted caramel milkshake."

walked us through their exciting menu with a one-on-one tasting with
the Smashburger staff. Lucky elites were privy to an appetizer assortment of Smashfries, Sweet Potato Fries, Veggie Frites, Fried Pickles. "Smashburger rolled out a red carpet for us Elites lined with
fries and burgers," Benjamin L gushes: "We started off the night with
four varieties of sides like sweet potato fries, flash-fried veggies,
and fried pickles along with their own unique sauces."

Next up was a tantalizing spread of tastings of the following burgers, sandwiches, and salads:
Local Burger – Jalapeño BBQ Smashburger, Mushroom Swiss Smashburger,
Classic Smashburger, Avocado Club Smashburger, Spicy Baja Black Bean
Burger, Baja Cobb Salad with Chicken, Grilled Chicken, Spinach and Goat
Cheese, and Crispy Buffalo Chicken. But for Heli M "the real winner of the day was the Jalapeno BBQ Burger! This burger is specific to Smashburger- Texas and was cooked to
perfection. Savory beef, spicy jalapenos, and BBQ dripping off the
buttery bun."

The feasting fun didn't stop there! For those healthy heros and vegetarians out there, Smashburger was up for the task in accomodating our herbivore friends. Vijay K fills us in on the "veggie frites, which are flash fried green beans and
carrot sticks. The beans were good and the carrots almost fooled me
since they looked like fries. This is a great healthy alternative to
fries. Speaking of healthy, they
have a black bean burger," to boot! Our favorite vegetarian, Piyusha P, certainly delighted in their meat-free alternatives that "converted this vegetarian to loving
. I had never been to Smashburger before tonight's event and was
excited to see a spicy black bean burger for me to try!"


If that wasn't enough awesomeness, Smashburger t-shirts, $10 in Smashbucks were given all in a Smashburger tote and was given to each guest as a party favor! And to wrap up the exciting evening…drum roll please…Every guest had the opportunity to unleash some pent up workday angst and Smash some burgers to oblivion!!!

"What an amazingly, SMASHing Elite event!" Thank you to Smashburger for making "this one really stand out in our
." Check out what the reviews are saying about the bountiful burger spread, as well as the incredible Smashburger staff. Be sure to check out all the pics, too!

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Frances G