Brooklyn Yelp Goes Prospecting

Prospects are certainly good for Fort Greene, judging by the amazing new addition at 773 Fulton Street.The beautifully designed Modern New American restaurant founded by Alan Cooper and Stephen Cohen is ambitious yet accessible, and the menu from Executive Chef Kyle McClelland is pure gold.

On Monday evening, some of Brooklyn's best yelpers were dazzled by bites that represented the sheer quality coming out of the kitchen at Prospect. Foie gras lollipops. Bay scallops. Duck breast. Wagyu beef burgers. Bluepoint oysters. Butternut squash soup. Frogs' legs. Truffled fries. As Leslie D exclaimed, "Never before have I eaten such a variety of animals. Bird? Mammal? Amphibian? Shellfish? And Vegetables?" The scope of the menu spans all classes of edibles, and everything is delectable. 

Paired with this magnificent menu of tastes was complimentary cocktails from Industry City Distillerythe wizards making tasty vodka down in Sunset Park. Max and Ryan of ICD were on hand pouring tastes of the product which is equally tasty neat, or in the ICD Mule and the Crazy 8 cocktails dreamed up by Lamar and Kevin behind the stick. If this is evidence of Prospect's cocktail program, you're going to see me posted up at the bar!

A huge thanks to Stephen, Alan and the rest of the amazing and accommodating Prospect staff for welcoming us with open arms. I'll see you guys there again soon for dinner (they are open Tuesday-Sunday, with cooking classes on Mondays)! Whether or not you made it out, make sure to check out all the reviews of the event, the photos from the lovely Melanie Fidler, and what folks are saying.

Peter D and the rest of the Yelp NYC Team

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