Yelp’s F1 Cocktails and Dreams

When an international incident rolls/flies/crashes into your town, you know it's time 
F1for Yelp to have a partayyyyyyy. And party we did with the help of yelpers, sponsors and this sassy art gallery known as the Gallery Black Lagoon. 

Why an art gallery? Well sometimes we like to be a little classy with a C (instead of the usual K for klasssssay) and this is a perfect spot. Located right in Hyde Park, it's the best kept secret in town. Shannon B hearts art: "What a refreshing change to attend a Yelp event in an art gallery! Perusing the interesting paintings, prints, and sculptures made this party that much more memorable."

F2Let's make sure not to get too ahead of ourselves. Jeremy from Macallen scotch poured aged scotch whilst educating us on the finer points of the amber liquid. Non scotch drinkers enjoyed Prickly Pear, Jalapeno and OG margaritas provided by the oh so fabulous Republic Tequila and frosty IPAs from 512 Brewing. Jack C: "Macallan, Republic Tequila, 512 Brew, Parlor pizza, SugaPlump, Gallery Black Lagoon art, Air BNB! Did I mention Macallan scotch?"

He let the food out of the bag… or the box. SugaPlump cakeballs were the icing on the proverbial cakeball. They were unbelievable. Dense, moist, cake ball-y awesomeness that gave us just enough sweet to balance the savory Parlor Pizza. Pizza, cakeballs and art? Hell yeah. That's how we do in Austin, Texas. 

Tasha B sums it up: "Another great event!  I made some awesome new friends, got to check out some art, and noshed on some pizza.  The tequila cocktails were delicious and I really enjoyed checking out Black Lagoon-what a cool space!" Check out our fabulous reviews and pics here!

Until the next one, SYOY!

Kelly S