Yelp’s Brisbane Southside Adventure

Warning! This Yelp Elite Event may contain traces of sugar and attendees may experience varying levels of a sugar high followed by a sugar coma. If symptoms persist, seek another Yelp Elite Event for remedy immediately! 

Yelp Brisbane's Elite Crew gathered at The Southside Tea Room for a sweet like candy event with the exceptional Patience and John. If the musk sticks, jaffas, freckles and Killer Pythons from the lolly buffet weren't enough to send Yelpers into sugar-overdrive, the 10 dozen Krispy Kreme donuts may have pushed them over the edge.


But they weren't letting it show as eyes lit up for Southside's interpretation of the Iced Vovo (which is 99 kinds of better and moorish than the original). Thanks for the drink-mixing prowess of John, we lavished a spiked lamington milkshake (with Bailey's) before progressing the drink we'll declare the new Summer refresher: a Bourbon Lemonade. Or in the words of Patience: "A Bourbon Lani-ade"


It goes without saying, a huge thanks must be given to Patience and John for opening Southside Tea Room for us! 


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Til next time,

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Lani P. - Brisbane Community Manager