Yelp KC Gets With The Picture

It's time for an important question: what's your favorite dinosaur? If your answer is the triceratops, velociraptor or even tyrannosaurus rex, well… you're wrong! Yelp Elites now claim Yelpasaurus as their favorite Jurassic pal, who they met at Lights! Camera! Yelp! at Alamo Drafthouse.

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Elites and their lucky +1s were treated to a sneak preview of the newly remodeled Alamo Drafthouse, who proved that they can really put on a show! And that show started once Yelpers entered the front door! Traveling all the way from Have Guns Will Rent, Yelpasaurus entertained guests and posed for photos as people stood in line. Who doesn't want to hug a dinosaur while checking in to check out the scene behind the curtain?

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Once inside the in-house bar The Chesterfield, a world of food, booze and burlesque was revealed. Alamo swiftly shot down the idea of regular theater treats. A buffet of wings, fried pickles, mozzarella sticks and pretzels awaited hungry patrons. If those pretzels were making them thirsty, guests could snag one of the signature cocktails being passed through the room. The lights went down, the music turned up, and it was time for a show! Burlesque Downtown Underground arrived on the scene, offering up a taste of the new Friday night entertainment. Aerialists spun from rings hanging high above, while at a slightly lower altitude dancers proved that even boys can have a burlesque attitude.

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After a word from the owner, it was time to enter the theater and enjoy a show in Alamo's state-of-the-art auditorium. As Jurassic Park played on the screen, guests noshed on a menu of everything from goat cheese salads to piled high pizzas, all served up by Alamo's stealthy staff. When the on-screen dino-crisis was too much to handle, Yelpers calmed their nerves with beer, wine, or even signature premium cocktails. Now this is how to watch a movie!

Thanks to Alamo Drafthouse for putting on the paleolithic party of the year!

Until next time, I'll see you on Yelp,

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