Denver Yelp’s First Bite at Patxi’s Pizza

On Sunday evening, Denver yelpers were invited to a pre-opening party at Patxi's Pizza (said like pah-cheese!) for the Yelp's First Bite Elite Event! Hailing from the Bay Area, this is the first location outside of California and Denver yelpers couldn't be more excited that Patxi's has graced our fair city with this 'za. Upon arriving, guests were greeted with schwag bags including water bottles, to-go menus, and gift cards for a return visit. After picking up this little fun pack they sauntered over to the bar to grab either a vodka cocktail or Odell's 5 Barrel Ale.

Throughout the evening yelpers were able to taste a wide variety of items from appetizers to salads, and of course the pizzas! Deep dish, thin crust, even gluten free pies were on hand, and then in tummies as the night went on. In fact, so much food was on hand that every single
yelper left stuffed and promising to return. As Tiffany "Not The CM" N put it: "It's more than 24 hours later and I'm still full! #winning"

Be sure to check out the rest of the reviews for more details and the photos of the evening. And don't forget to check in on your Yelp app or like their Facebook page to enjoy some fun social media special offers. Until next time friends, I'll SYOY (See You On Yelp)!


Tiffany N

Your Denver Yelp Community Director