Boston Elites Go Piglesssss In Spaaaaace at Veggie Galaxy!

So, have any turkey lately? Thanksgiving brought families around the table for copious amounts of animal protein, and Boston Elites pre-gamed the holiday the only way befitting crunchy Cantabridgians – with a feast of all-vegetarian/vegan fare at Veggie Galaxy. Behold, Pigless In Spaaaace!


Donning leather jackets and poodle skirts, Yelpers filled the 50's booths and swivel stools of Central Square's 100% vegetarian diner. A pint of CBC Great Pumpkin Ale (or a glass of juicy wine) in one hand, the other is free to snag from the bounty of meatless dishes whizzing past. From black bean sliders with carrot and pesto to buffalo fried house-smoked tofu, Steph P sez "Veggie Galaxy made me forget about my obsession with having cows and pigs on my plate and reminded me how wonderful vegetarian and vegan food can be."


Oh, and the vegan sweets! Veggie Galaxy boasts a purely vegan bakery, with an impressive display of unimaginably crafted goodies. Eggless merengues? No-cheese cheesecakes? Yes. And there was no shortage of vegan "brownies, Taza chocolate chip cookies, and mini cupcakes" in front of Jessie K, whilst "the fact that no one judged" Kimberly H "for triple fisting vegan shakes" with housemade whip just shows how classy this pack is!


Yelpers chose the best dressed of the night, and the winner walked with a stack of Yelp goodies and an inflatable jukebox. Visuals captured by the brilliance of Dilven Photography (tag your friends on Facebook), and the five-star reviews are rolling in. Grab a meat(less)ball, join the Talk and get to veggin' out!

Now with 50% More Fiber,


Dames Jean (and Yelptern Sue H)