Halifax Elites Mingle Mezza-Style!

As the rest of the city slipped into their Sunday sweats for a night of recorded Honey Boo-Boo, Yelp Elites in Halifax were just getting going at Yelp's Mezza Mingler! What better way to squeeze in every second of the weekend than capping it off with sensational snacks and even better company? None. Obviously.


We had a feeling Mezza Lebanese Restaurant would be the perfect destination to lure Yelpers out of their weekend hibernations and our hosts easily convinced Mach Z: "I'm actually surprised that there was as much conversation
going on as there was last night – as soon as you walked into Mezza you
get a quick garlic slap across the face. But I suppose after 10
mins and some delicious wine, you don't even notice it anymore – mostly
because I was stuffing my face with delicious food."

Ah yes – the food. First-timer Jennie B wasn't disappointed: "This was also my first visit to Mezza and I cannot wait to go back, the
phyllo and cheese rolls were so good I could not help but have seconds
and it was pretty much the best hummus I have had." Even veteran Elites like Meegan D were impressed with the small plate spread: "the olive tampenade, the hummus, the kibbi, the lamb kofte, the chicken
kebab, the phyllo spinach cheese roll
– all of it so very delicious!"

While it may not have been a rager, Maureen J appreciated the atmosphere: "I had a great time
catching up with local yelpers and was still home in enough time to
relax and get a good night sleep before the dreaded Monday morning alarm
went off." But of course, Elites sipped as much as they snacked in order to close out the weekend. Colleen D found a special surprise in her glass, wondering "how did they know Trapiche Malbec was one of my favourite wines? The stars were aligned this evening!" Oh Colleen – even we have our secrets…

Thanks to all who came out for this fabulous night at Mezza! Missed out? Catch all the reviews and be sure to add your own if you haven't already! Want on the guest list for our next bash? RSVP today and bone up on what it takes to be Elite!

Until next time…

Ben 'the one who ate all the phyllo cheese rolls' B

Yelp Halifax Community Manager