Elite Event: Yelp’s Double Date At Lord Coconut & Miss Fox

We know our Elites love a party, so we thought… why throw one party when we can throw two in the same night?

Yelp's Double Date was an ambitious affair – 75 guests, 2 venues, 10 sponsors and two and a half hours to mix them all together in one big delicious cocktail.

With the crowds split between our two venues – Lord Coconut and Miss Fox, it was fun to watch the photos being uploaded to Yelp as the night progressed. Pinot Palooza came on board, offering two double passes to this weekend's Pinot fest to the two best photographs of the night. Who won? Kobie D and Gerald P! Nice one!

At Miss Fox Yelpers were treated to mini pampering sessions  – nails, hair, make up, skin analysis and massage! There was lots of relaxing going on and everyone looked like a million bucks!


Australian fashion icon Slade Knitwear was there showcasing their new range, with the lovely Cheryl Lin from Busichic styling the ladies and helping them "work it!" for the camera. 

Miss fox

What's a party without sugar? Yes, there was a giant lolly bar, and delectable red velvet cupcakes from Sugadeaux. Cocktails came from 666 Pure Tasmanian Vodka and Sensory Lab who had worked together to extract coffee through ice and vodka! With two beans used it was great to see the variation in flavours used, the Chompy Blend resulting in a rich and chocolatey brew that was served on ice and topped with shaved chocolate!

666 Just a couple of blocks away another crowd were partying, masculine style, at Lord Coconut. With local artists on hand to chat about their work, Yelpers drank cocktails made with Monkey Shoulder Whisky and Capi mixers. Bartender Sam kept the crowds lubricated and entertained.


Snacks? Oh yes, there were some indulgent ones! Tom from Red Cow Cheese presented Sélection Rolf Beeler Swiss Artisan Cheese and served it with seeded Brasserie Bread baguette slices and a walnut jam.


An hour in, the groups were swapped! Yelpers passed each other in the street, madly waving and telling each other what they should try at the other venue.


Afterwards, everyone met at Spice Market with happy hour "666 Pure Pash" cocktails available to Yelpers! Many were still there when Community Manager, Tresna L, called it a night! Nicely played Yelpers – you've proven you know how to double date!

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Until next time – SYOY!