Dallas Elites Went Back To Cool!

Forget reading, writing, and arithmetic, Dallas Elite Yelpers had a different idea of getting Back to…Cool! ZICO, Dewar's, Urban Taco, and DJG all came together for a fantastic event at the uber chic rooftop pool venue at the Mockingbird Station Lofts. With a cool fall breeze in our midst, the downtown skyline in the distance, and the shimmering reflection of the olympic-sized swimming pool – the venue made for a perfect setting of anything but academic.


Though Dallas is saturated in shopping mall after shopping mall, Mockingbird Station stands out amongst the rest. Reasonably-priced boutiques, highly-rated restaurants, delightful drinking spots, and of course the Angelika Theater are what make this one-of-a-kind shopping center a Dallas gem and a cornerstone of Dallas's aforementioned shopping scene. To be able to celebrate the locally-loved station at the Mockingbird Station Lofts with libations and lively locals (the elites) was truly an honor!


Forget 90 degree heat, because when there is ZICO Coconut Water on the scene, everything seems to drop a few degrees. The refreshingly healthy and delicious drink was there keeping our inner-temps down and leaving us wanting more. Anne L thought the "Zico coconut water was delicious, especially the chocolate flavor and can honestly say that she will probably be purchasing some Zico coconut water in the future!" Gerald W couldn't get enough of the ZICO "chocolate Water. It is delicious and refreshing…I
would say fantastic if served ICE COLD." How appropriate for an evening centered around everything cool.


In true elite event fashion, adult bevvies were served complimentary of Dewar's Whisky. Exciting cocktail recipes were whipped up that made us all swoon. With choices ranging from Dewar's on the rocks to Dewar's infused with Ginger Beer and orange – even non-whisky drinkers were converted. Kristi N was "pleasantly surprised to step out of my
comfort zone and try something new. The girls were super sweet (&
looked fab!) and before she knew it, she was a whiskey fan!" Dwayne S corroborates: "The Dewars Scotch Whisky and Ginger Beer was a fine well balanced drink!"


With all this liquid going down our gullet, we needed sustenance to fill our bellys. Not to fear, Urban Taco – a proud resident of Mockingbird Station – fed our Yelp appetites with "melt in your mouth tacos." The delectable beef and chicken tacos were so good in fact, Veronica V had never visited Urban Taco before, but after this sampling, she'll be
going to them for dinner soon." The smiling servers kept those "hearty tortillas" coming all night long, while "explaining to us that they marinate the beef for hours on end to get it to taste juuust right." Thanks for letting us in on a little Urban (taco) Secret!


But the evening wouldn't have been complete without the custom-mixed beats provided by DJG. "To finish everything off," sums up Gerald W, "the lounge style music provided by the DJ was perfect." DJ Jonathan Graham's "cool DJ beats relaxed and excited us at the same time" to help keep our cool as we ate, drank, and stayed merry by the pool.

Thank you, again, to all our sponsors who made the evening truly spectacular. If you missed out on the evening or would like to know more, take a peek at the reviews and pics. As always, keep a look out for our next elite event on the elite calendar.

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