Boston Elites Attend Tacoholics Anonymous at Bully Boy Distillers!

We are the Elite Squad, and we are tacoholics. 'Twas a downright boozy fiesta at the Bully Boy distillery on Thursday, when the best of Boston's Yelp community came together to lend their support for a pop-up meeting of Yelp's Tacoholics Anonymous! Jason J got to "dibble dabble in whiskey and rum related beverages while rubbing tacos and tortas all over" his face before "sexily rinsing off with some Narragansett." It's hygiene, y'all.
Elites traversed the industrial park home of the Bully Boy Distillers, with a voracious appetite quenched by a bounty of tacos and tortas provided by The Taco Truck. The mobile food mecca flexed a menu in flux: three taco varieties for the first hour and three tortas in the latter. As Yelpers munched on favorites, from Pescado tacos and Barbacoa tortas, Dave and Will Willis led tours over the barrels and around the bottles of their distillery.
Of course, it wasn't just about looking at how the juice is made, as guests sipped white whiskey and rums from the hosts, and the beer enthusiastic cracked Narragansett lager to seasonal tall boys. The Bully Boy brothers shook and stirred delectable cocktails using their fresh-from-the-barrel booze, including La Manzana, a light rum-spiked apple cider that "went down like candy and kept luring" Danielle F "back for refills." The Willis brothers also integrated The Taco Truck's lemonade with their white whiskey and a dash of bitters to make La Limonada. Looking for a non-alcoholic beverage, or a mixer rather? Hallelujah to Spindrift for serving up a dozen sparkling juices and sodas to the thirsty masses.
The guys from City Dining Cards were dealing out their deck to Elites who checked in to the event, earning $10 off a plate at a beloved local restaurant. And the big finale (drumroll please) a power pack of Yelpers lifted the City Dining Card's electric blue Fiat! Popeye can keep his spinach. Reviews are rolling in, Talk is abuzz and photos are up on Flickr and Facebook. Tag away, tacoholics!
That's it in a taco shell,