Yelp’s “A Night At The Roxbury”

Last night Yelp’s Sydney Elites and their guests gathered at The
Roxbury Hotel
in Glebe for a taste of what The Australian named “The best
improv comedy theatre in the country
.” A live entertainment mecca, the Roxbury
hosts everything from trivia to poker tournaments and kicked us off with a bar tab that served as a great intro to
Full Body Contact No Love Tennis, the mad-hatted kings of alternative comedy in

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Canadian MC Cale Bain eschewed the double denim of his native
tuxedo for a fetching tie-and-trainer combo before letting three teams of
seasoned players loose upon an audience that had little inkling of the hilarity
about to befall them
. Fresh from his turn at the 2012 Edinburgh Fringe
Festival, DJ Tom Loud provided a live soundtrack for the mayhem onstage.

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From a single word given by the audience the teams ­– which
included Claire Hooper of Good News Week and Melbourne International Comedy
– flew into improvised comedy stylings that resulted in such
hysterical characters as The Goonies’ Sloth as an unwitting porn star and a worryingly
pedophilic Batman
. Yep.

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Hepped up and laughed out, some Elites left holding prizes like comedy DVDs and dolphin
dictionaries, while the last Yelpers standing took on 8.8%
Sinha Stouts
into the wee hours.

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With thanks to Sam Macdonald from Sam Macdonald
Photography for providing the happy snaps on the night. Until next time .
. . SYOY!

Ben B
Yelp Community Manager