Yelp Vancouver Puts A Bird On Portland Craft

The third season of Portlandia may have yet to start, but this past Sunday, September 23rd, Vancouver Yelpers put a bird on their flannel shirts, grabbed a six-pack of locally brewed, free-range booze, hopped on their fixie, and got to Portland Craft before the party was totally over.

Greeted at the door with a Jameson Sour, Josh L exclaims, "Portland + Food + Yelpers. What could be better? A perfect afternoon for a little Sunday day-drinking, Robin brought us together to enjoy a great new(ish) restaurant, eat delicious Cartems donuts, and make Collage Collage crafts!" Not missing a beat, the service by the bartenders and staff was impeccable. "Just like in the real Portland, everyone at Portland Craft was super friendly and passionate about fresh, local, craft cooking. The staff were knowledgeable, funny, and revved up about serving tasty concoctions from Vancouver's favourite tax-free flannelled-playground."

Playground, indeed. "A rapid succession of tasty treats (pork belly! fried chicken! salmon tartare!) made for foodie bliss. The food was hearty, tasty, and served in parings that were ever-so-slightly quirky to be both truly PDX and delicious." Not to be outdone, the liquid offerings had many a day-drunk fan. Vincci L gushes: "when I discovered the beer station, I couldn't be more elated. Could this be, I can savour all this food along with some Deschutes Black Butte Porter? AND there was a Lost Coast Tangerine Wheat Ale?!" And Taylor K "found a new favourite wine in Jacob's Creek Moscato. Holy moly!" Yes, the dream of the 90s was most definitely alive in Portland Craft thanks these libations.

Wandering up the stairs of Portland Craft's high-ceilinged, beer-focused restaurant, Yelpers discovered Collage Collage's craft station, "where you could decorate foam beer cozies with felt and gemstones." Craft beer, or craft station, Kwoky L found it to be a "fantastic hands-on art experience on the second floor. What a great way to spend my Sunday!" Speaking of hands-on, the real Portland may have Voodoo, but in Vancity, we've got Cartems to satisfy our inner hipster. "There it was, the glistening ball of banana donut, with a sweet rum glaze and just the right amount of banana flavour." To finally put a face to these little fried doughboys was a special treat for Isabelle G: "I love talking to people in the culinary world who are truly passionate about their craft."

"The nicest part of these Elite gatherings is that folks actually talk to new people." Karen R said it best: "this was an ultra cool event because the food served was what might be normally prepared there, the interesting drink menu was viewable on the wall, and the overall atmosphere totally rocked." Yep, we can definitely pickle that.

A big thanks to Cameron, Ryan, Chris, and all of the Portland Craft staff for taking care of a rowdy group of Yelpers; to Rags and Jordan from Cartems for feeding us some seriously addictive donuts; to Erin from Collage Collage for crafting an unforgettable afternoon; to Brent F and Crystal H for helping set up; and to the Yelp Elite or being quiet when I need them to, and for being awesome, always.

Check out the 5-star reviews (and write your own) here, and see the proof that the dream of the 90s is alive at Portland Craft thanks to the photos by LindsaysDiet here.

Until next time, Yelpies!


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Yelp Vancouver's "Local, Sustainable, Organic, and totally Pickled" Community Manager (dressed as Don B, Portland Community Director)