Yelp Street: Money Never Sleeps @ ING Direct Cafe

A party… at a bank? Yeah. But this isn't your ordinary financial institution. ING Direct is about as run of the mill as a lime green DeLorean DMC-12. No high pressure sales, no stuffy vibe, no employees that look as though they'd rather be getting a root canal than working the 9-5 shift… ING Direct Cafe brings a casual, approachable style to the banking game that's about as refreshing as a Summer's Eve. And last Thursday night, we broke open the safe and dipped into their entire stash of Sam Adams for a night of booze and bites in Midtown.Ing collage

If ING Direct Café were an island, it'd be Maui. If it were a singer-songwriter, it'd be Jack Johnson. If it were a rapper, it'd be Snoop Dogg. Why? Because like the above mentioned, they're laaaaaaid back (with their mind on their money and their money on their mind). They focus on a more casual form of bank interaction where their space is more aligned towards enjoying a comfy lounge with free Wi-Fi, a multi-layered space, and free coffee anytime, all the time if you're a member of ING. Boom!

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