Yelp Indy Elite Oyster 101 at The Oceanaire Seafood Room

Yelp Indy elites cruised in to downtown's Oceanaire Seafood Room for an evening of oysters and their BFF 'Pagne. The Oceanaire ordered a special selection of East and West coast oysters ranging from those topped with bacon and spinach to the classic raw on the half shell just for the elite squad! For several elites, it was a first run-in with the pearly meat of the sea. "Oyster noob," Joanna B, "went in with an open mind and empty stomach and left happy as a clam (or an oyster!)." David F "was excited and nervous, like a first date, except my date was a
bit funky looking and I wasn't really on a date, because dating any
type of seafood is just wrong.  No matter how good they taste."


Chef Mark M recruited their oyster distributor, John, from Chicago to provide the mini-lesson. Bodie S raves about the 101 side of the evening, "The gentleman supplying the mollusks from these brackish habitats gave us a lesson on the different types of oysters and how they taste and spread his knowledge over us like a cold, hard, slimy blanket."

A huge "thank you!" to the awesome staff at The Oceanaire Seafood Room and Eric T of Solar Flare Photography for making Oyster 101 a hit!  Don't take my word for it though – check out all the pics, reviews and chatter on Yelp!


Pearlly and Yelpfully Yours,

Brittany S

Yelp Indy Community Manager

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