Yelp Greater Toronto Gets its Palettes Pleased @ Paintlounge

of the drudgery of their monochromatic, typical Sunday afternoons, the
artistically inclined group known only as the Greater Toronto Elite
squad decided it was time to add a splash of colour
to their weekends as
they tut-tutted their way to Yelp Pleases Your Palette Elite Event @ Paintlounge.

Pleases palette #1

At the stroke of 6 PM, Elites lined up outside of Markham’s Paintlounge as they eagerly awaited what lay inside. A buffet of sinfully sweet sugary treats provided by Canada’s Baking and Sweets Show went on for miles, complete with Gingerbread and Sugar Cookies by Mad Batter Bakers, Mini Yelp Cupcakes by Lavish Cupcakes and an endless array of pastries from St. Phillips Fine Bakeries. In the opinion of Sami E, “the cannoli's were to die for (I had at least three) and the cupcakes were oh so decadent!”

Pleased Palette #2

poured a selection of loose leaf teas served a la French press all
night long, and just when Elites thought things couldn’t possibly get
any sweeter Cupcake Vinyards
provided a generous taste of their Red Velvet and Chardonnay wines.
Seriously a line of wine called Cupcake!!! Cheers to Red Velvet,”
Jennifer K exclaimed!

Pleases palette #3

sufficiently sated and stuffed, Elites embarked on an interactive
painting activity that had them talking colours with new friends to
ensure their creative canvasses were coloured in. By nights end, each
Picasso and Pollock had shown their stuff and were Dali-ted to discover that no one had Van Gough’d themselves.

Pleases Palette #4

Sara K.P was rewarded for putting her expressionist graffiti flavour on
as many canvasses as she could, and took home a pair of tickets to the
upcoming Canada’s Baking and Sweets Show. Congrats Sara! Vive la Sugar Coma!

huge thank you goes to the peeps of the hour – The GTA Elite squad
these events wouldn’t be nearly as fun without you! Finally, thanks to
Alex from HD Focus Photography for tossing his own artistic flair on this paint-acular event! 

Check out the pics for yourself here and be sure to check out all the fantastic guests' reviews here.  
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Kris palette

Kris “The most REAL Surrealist” U.