Calling all Vaqueros y Vaqueras! Yelp Charlotte Elite Event at Vida Cantina

Yeehaw! Or, as it was more appropriate for this fine Crown Town evening — ¡Ole! Our Yelp Charlotte Elites gallivanted in the upstairs mezzanine (which is one of the most fun words to say these days) at Vida Cantina in Uptown and knocked back wine and beer aplenty, noshed on some choice Mexican-inspired delectables, and adorned Western attire!


Vida rolled out the culinary red carpet with mounds of mini braised beef tacos, crab cakes, portabella mushroom salads, and pork tenderloin. As fast as the servers could serve, eager and curious Elites were excited to try each offering. Muchas gracias, la cocina!

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Brews and vintages provided by Lonerider Brewing and FlipFlop. The pinot grigio and cabernet were flowing and the three different brews, Sweet Josie, Shotgun Betty, and Peacemaker IPA, were all well recieved! Brian A has developed quite the relationship with good ol' Sweet Josie. She really is a sweet one. Western-themed brews for a Western-themed event brought out the inner cowboy/cowgirl in our posse, and with no shortage of mini sombreros and fake mustaches, it truly felt south of the border!

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Not only was this an evening of many a first, but also the inception of Yelp Charlotte's first un-destructed and bosom piñata! Elite, Chad E, aptly named him "Pedro," and was held, photographed, and appreciated by many. Our papered pal never felt the strike of a stick on this fine eve. Nay! Quite the opposite as Jonathan B was awarded him as a prize for best Western attire! He may have not been stuffed to the horns with candy, but did contain a hefty $25 giftcard to Vida Cantina! God speed, Pedro! And, as always, !Ole!

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Another fine evening of merriment here in the Queen City. Huge props to Tonya from Poprock Photography for all of her hard work, dedication, and amazing personality! Check out the rest of the festively festive festivities here!

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Until next time, SYOY!

Ben G – Yelp Charlotte Community Manager

Vida 201