Flavor Explosions and Blindfolds: Buffalo Elite’s Party at the Brick House Tavern + Tap

What do you get when you combine an incredible venue, blindfolds, a smorgasboard of delicious food, freeflowing alcohol, a giant jenga game and a firepit on the outdoor patio? You guessed it: Yelp Elites having the time of their lives at the Yelp Taps the Brick House event at the Brick House Tavern + Tap in Amherst, NY!


Lindsay A sums it up for us: "Tons of fun! The food was awesome. Flavor explosions all over the place.
From the cocktails to the stuffed olives and deviled
eggs, the flavors were distinct and strong! My favorite foods included
the BBQ ribs (yum!), the meatloaf sliders (mashed potatoes ON the
sandwich!), and those amazing soft pretzels and ranch dip. Thanks to the
lovely Emily from Brick House for being our pretzel bearer for the
night! The Brick House staff went above and beyond to accommodate us."


With a Giant Jenga game and the blind cocktail tasting challenge (thanks Rebecca D for running it!), yelpers kept things buzzing! Bethany M thought it was: "was a nice touch and resulted in a super epic battle in
which I reigned victorious
" and the cocktail tasting was super fun!" Additionally, we warmly welcomed several first time Yelp Elite Event attendees. Big shout out to Joyce A, Katie P, Mark S, Mike P, Coralie P for joining the crew!


As the night came to a close, four $25 gift certificates were given away. Katie P is not ashamed to love their pretzels: "I want more crackzels! I think the whole $25 giftcard that I won will be spent on crackzels and beer!" A resounding success! Big thanks to the entire staff at the Brick House Tavern + Tap as well as Ana J for covering the photography for the event, as well as Paul Fanara of Living in the Buff Studio! Mark S's only regret? "I only wish I didnt have to work the next day."

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Alex L

Buffalo CM