Yelp’s Criminally Fun Party at Misdemeanor

Brooklyn Republic Vodka cocktails designed by renowned mixologist Milos Zica. Delicious bites created by celebrated chef Jehangir Mehta. Free-flowing bubbly from Lucien Albrecht Brut NV. Seriously, it's all so good it should all be illegal.

Last night Brooklyn's finest yelpers took an exclusive look at Misdemeanor, the new sidewalk
cafe and bar at the NU Hotel! It was a beautiful late summer evening, and yelpers took turns sitting outside as the sun set, and relaxing in the elegant, comfortable lounge. The refreshing cocktails from the up-and-coming local brand Brooklyn Republic Vodka paired well with the Brut bubbly as the bar staff kept the crowd moving.

Guests admired the interior (including excellent local art), and dug into passed plates including gourmet pizza and surprisingly spicy shrimp skewers perfectly balanced by a light yogurt cucumber sauce. The biggest hit of the evening might have been the beef braised pineapple, lamb and pork belly buns; we couldn't get enough!

A huge thanks goes out to Javier and the rest of the staff who made it such a memorable evening for the Elite crowd! Whether or not you made it out, make sure you check out all the photos courtesy of Melanie Fidler, and what people are saying in reviews and on Talk. I know I'll be back to Misdemeanor very soon, so I'll see you all there!

Peter D

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