Yelp Miami Hits A Home Run

There's a chance you might have noticed it. There's a big dome in the Little Havana skyline. You can't miss it. It's called Marlins Park. Turns out, a major league ball club lives there. But, in addition to triple plays and arguments with umpires, there's an abundance of architectural awesomeness, gorgeous meeting spaces, incredible views, and some of the best food in the Magic City (for real) residing within those hallowed halls. Over 150 lucky Elites got to experience this and more when they discovered Yelp Has Game.

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The event began with a private, VIP, all-access tour of the Park. From the fish at home plate to the Diamond Club, guests had the chance to experience the venue in ways that many people never do. Original pieces of art, 360 views of the city, locker rooms, barber shops, and more bobbleheads than you can shake a stick at were just some of the sights that captivated Elites. As the former Orange Bowl, sports and history enthusiasts from all over South Florida oohed and ahhed at the intersection of past and present.

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Park toured, it was time to eat. Ethusiastic Elites got a sneak peek at the feast ahead at The Clevelander at Marlins Park. Frozen drinks and totchos (tater tot nachos) provided the right amuse bouche to get bellies ready for the feast ahead. Yes, feast. Marlins Park is known for having phenomenal food but not until one eats it, do she really know. Lobster Rolls, gourmet hot dogs, nachos, Cubano sandwiches, chicharrones, plantains, ceviche, and shrimp burgers were just some of the offerings of the evening. Stunned guests were simply overwhelmed with the amount and quality. This ain't peanuts and cracker jacks.

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The game against the Phillies took the attention away from the food and guests were treated to a thriller. Throughout the experience, guests raved about the top-notch service present at the Park. No matter the setting, Elites were greeted with a smile, wave and warm welcome. Even Billy the Marlin stopped by to make sure everyone was having a good time. Alex H was on hand to take photos. Check them out here. Over-the-moon guests wrote their impressions here. Baseball may be America's pastime, but Marlins Park is Miami's present-time. Come for the game and stay for so much more. Play ball!

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Stealing home,

Johnny T