Yelp ­­­­­­­Greater Toronto Area Gets Lucky @ Dub Linn Gate Irish Pub

Some find luck at the end of a rainbow, others by rubbing a coin or stone (or an unsuspecting Community Managers beard), and some even get lucky after a night at the bar. This Thursday as the clouds hung low, the newly formed Greater Toronto Elite squad (aka The GT-A-Team) and their +1’s found luck in every nook and cranny of Yelp’s a Lucky Charm Elite Event @ Dub Linn Gate Irish Pub.

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As yelpers arrived at Vaughan’s Dub Linn Gate Irish Pub in their festive greens they were directed to the privacy of the Stone Pub where they were treated to a bevy of beverage options including: Moosehead Lager tall cans, chilled pints of Somersby Apple Cider and Josephine Cloved the green drink ’Dub Linn’s 50 Yelps of Green’ “a specialty Diagio Vodka Cocktail.

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After properly hydrating in true Irish fashion, Yelpers were presented with a feast of Irishman’s bread, chicken wings, fries, veggies, spring rolls, nachos, and chicken balls – a mere taste of Dub Linn Gate’s outstanding appetizer menu. According to Anastasyia REverything was hot and fresh (except for the veggies obvi).

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To start the night off, Elites new and old were tasked to “find your Lucky Charm” which required them to match their coloured charm with another so that they could receive a yelptastic limited edition prize. As they searched high and low for their charmed match over the course of the night, all were introduced to the fabled ‘Yelp-y Stone’ which required guests to meet someone new before passing it on to bring them the Luck O’ the Irish.

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Three charm-ing guests were the Lucky winners of the night’s prizes. Carlsberg provided two tickets to an upcoming Toronto FC soccer match, and while not to be out done Dub Linn Gate kicked in a $25 Gift Certificate AND an honorary membership into their famed ‘Mug Club’. Congrats to all!


A big thank you goes out to all our fantastic Yelpers for making this first event north of the Hwy 401 something memorable – we couldn’t do it without you! Last, but not least thanks to Alex from Alex Photography for capturing the night in all its glory! 

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