Yelp Fort Worth Salutes The Stockyards @ The Thirsty Armadillo!

It's a story as old as the cattle drive trail itself: locals swagger into the Fort Worth Stockyards, order up a Watermelon Margarita with Partida Tequila or a Coconut Crush with Svedka Colada Vodka and jangle their spurs for awhile. What? No? Well, okay then. Killer cocktails and the musical magic of Fort Worth fave Kenny Uptain it is, then. Or at least it was recently as local yelpers poured themselves into the Thirsty Armadillo for a festive and memorable evening.

"Another fun night with Yelp!" chirped Jennifer M at the zenith of her libation liberty: "I loved the free cocktails – the Svedka coconut crush and Partida watermelon margarita were my favorites!" And Diana E was all about Kenny Uptain's "great selection of songs, with a country twang to them." Natch!

In the end, yelpers walked with some kitschy schwag and one lucky winner scored a pair of tickets to the Fort Worth Music Fest, but arguably the most fantastic score was the time we spent together, as always. As Samantha S revealed, "places like the Thirsty Armadillo make me more inclined to venture over in this area." Just like the cowboys of yore. 'Cept with cocktails!

'Til September, SYOY!

-Kevin N