Yelp Brisbane’s Bloody Mary Masterclass

Kettle & Tin, one of Paddington's newest venues, kindly opened its doors to more than 30 Yelpers for a Bloody Mary Masterclass. Our fearless mixology leader for the night, Kettle & Tin’s bar-master Dave (with the smooth and velvety Scottish accent), stepped us through four of his seven self-crafted interpretations of the Bloody Mary (there is an 8th drink on the menu but it’s the classic). 

Our Yelping chums (some for the first time) sipped on Dave’s own recipes including:

  • The Goddamn Mary (Ketel One, hickory smoke, brown sugar, ketchup & mustard) which to many tasted like a Big Mac or Hot Dog in a DRINK!
  • Sangrita (Jose Cuervo traditional and spiced pomegranate)
  • The Classic (Ketel One, Tawny Port, Tabasco and Worcestershire sauce)
  • And… The Yet To Be Named (fresh tomato, cucumber, red capsicum, garlic, finot sherry, sherry vinegar, Patxcharan – a slow gin and aniseed liquer). I won’t lie: I think it should be named the “Make Me Yelp”.

Known faux enemies and duelling Queens of Brisbane, Mel B and Mem R took to the ring battling it out in a BLOODY MARY MIX-OFF. Jeremy H sampled Mem R's efforts and gave it two thumbs up. Official results are being collated but rumour has it Mel B beat Mem R…this time! 

While the focus of the evening was clearly the craft of the drink, Kettle & Tin also shared a few of Chef Fraser’s favourites including salt & pepper squid, scallop carpaccio and Mem R’s favourite: slices of tender meat on top of a bed of mashed potato. 

“The little bamboo boats of snack foods passed around were all delicious, but none more so than the slab of tender meat on top of a bed of mashed potato. I'm a simple girl, with simple needs. These needs were truly met at Yelp's Bloody Mary Masterclass Elite Event.”

Thank you to Asa, Dave and the rest of the Kettle & Tin team who made the night possible!  

Matt from Blue Ink Photography captured all the fun and frivolity of the evening, so be sure to sneak a peek at all of the photos in our Yelp Brisbane Flickr set, check Instagram or Twitter, and of course Yelp! And, read (or add to) the collection of reviews.

Until next time,
Lani P - Brisbane Yelp Community Manager