Yelp Richmond’s Elite Kickoff At The Magpie

A little drizzle didn't stop Elites from heading to The Magpie on Sunday evening for Richmond's very first Elite Event! Embracing the venue's vintage vibe, Water for Yelp(ephants) exuded a traveling carnival theme and guests enjoyed sweet and savory bites, craft cocktails, henna art, tarot cards, and good ol' conversation. A huge thank you to The Magpie owners Tiffany and Owen and the fantastic staff for hosting such a rockin' inaugural event!

Guests sipped creative cocktails like the Chester Copperpot, a thirst-quenching concoction of Art in the Age Root Liqueur, spiced rum, lime juice, simple syrup, and club soda, while being treated to tastes of The Magpie's inventive menu. From coconut and honey gelee with basil oil and prosciutto dust to heirloom tomatoes with blackberry compote and crispy garlic, tastebuds rejoiced. "The drinks were amazing, and if you're a foodie you'll definitely appreciate" the cuisine, promises Earl C.

"The house made pickle and wild boar sausage" topped with mustard pleased Judith L's palate so much that she "bookmarked The Magpie as a place to revisit." It was all about the sweets for Dominic B, who couldn't get enough of the banana bread ice cream: "The ice cream was amazing. I mean truly amazing!" Thanks to the event, James M will "be back for the chef tasting menu" (on Tuesdays and Wednesdays) and will "definitely be at future Yelp events. Life is good." That it is, James, that it is.
Michelle A "wasn't expecting any entertainment, but there was a ton!" Colleen Heller, aka The Henna Lady, "turned people into living art and tarot cards provided a twist on the traditional fortune cookie." A few lucky guests even received astrology readings. Barry P "had a ton of fun with the photo props and meeting new people offline… definitely one of the best times I've had out in RVA on a Sunday evening." Us too, Barry!
Magpie 3.1
Magpie 3.2
Huge thanks to Bird Cox for capturing the evening on camera and providing us with stellar shots to relive the fun! Want more? Peep the pics and read the reviews of our fabulous evening.

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Jamie D

Yelp Richmond Community Manager