Yelp Milwaukee’s On A Boat!

Pirates, yacht rock, Hawaiian eats, locally-crafted rum, prizes, a dance-off, a costume contest and a lovely afternoon. Could it even get any better ever?

It did, because, well… it was all that, plus? We were on a boat. Nauti-cool!

Thanks to the Milwaukee Boat Line's amazing staff and crew, we set sail on the Voyageur for Yelp's On A Boat this past Sunday afternoon, and the sailing? So so smooth.

Amazing Hawaiian eats for local superstar restaurant Ono Kine Grindz — they had us nom'in on seitan & tofu jicama pasta salad, Kalua pork quesedillas, Lomi Lomi, and Char Siu chicken skewers. Great Lakes Distillery's Roaring Dan's punch? Also a hit, and with the Swedish Fish garnish? Adorbs.

Mixmaster Tom Julio had us dancing to all the smooth hits of the 70s — think Michael McDonald and Christopher Cross — and our yacht-rock smooth seventies dance off had folks moving and shaking it on the greatest lake like you wouldn't believe.

And we had costumes, of course. And prizes! An octopus and a snapping turtle, a mermaid and Triton, Steve Zissou, pirates, captain's hats, Gilligan and the crew, and dapper 70s-style yacht rock duds. For real!

Good times, great lakes: this was the event, folks. Check out even more pics (by Luke R) here and read all of the event reviews here! An absolute blast, and "smooth" sailing with the best Yelp elites a CM could ask for. Can't wait for more dancing, nomming, drinking, and overall ridiculousity with this crew! Until next time… as always, See You On Yelp!

Your Milwaukee captain (I'm the one in the hat),







Rachel F