South Bay Elites Put the Capital “P” in Preppy!

Even though Independence Day had recently come and gone, South Bay Elites needed no excuse to go clean cut American at our latest Elite event: Preppy With a Capital "P"! Our host for this bourgeoisie affair was Montalvo Arts Center, a Mediterranean-style villa and 175 acres of surrounding property atop the Saratoga hills. Because the venue was so darn fancy, Elites donned their best plaid, Polo's, pastels, polkda dots and peals, putting the capital "P" back into preppy! "Yelp, Thank you for giving me and my friend an opportunity to dress up," raved Stella Y. "I felt like a G strolling up in the heels and "pearls" that I never wear, I felt extra lady like entering Montalvo. With the hot weather and gorgeous outdoors and beautiful interior, I could call this place home." 

Preppy collage 3

Who greeted Elites as they arrived on the grounds? East Bay CM Nique F with made-to-order sno cones! A perfect way to chill out after a 90+ degree day. Also there to help whet Yelpers' whisles without the alcohol eddge were ZICO coconut water and Honest Tea + Honest Ade. Hayne P made a beeline for ZICO: "Always one of my first stops. I can't get enough of that coconut water! So refreshing!" Once a bit more hydrated, Hendricks gin, Glenfiddich scotch, Lillet Blanc and Magner's cider were there to really get the party started! "Glenfiddich was one of my favorite stations," said Lorrie M, "As I am a huge fan of aged scotch and thoroughly enjoyed the tastings of the coveted 18 year."

Preppy Collage 1
In terms of eats, quite a few options were available, including Patxi's pizza, Hobee's Embarcadero salad and baked goods, Saratoga Chocolates as well as KIND's newest line of nut & spices snacks. "OMG, OMG OMG, heart shaped everything from Saratoga Chocolates," exclaimed Peggy S! "I really liked their sea salt dark chocolate, and the raspberry truffles were very good too. And, they were super sweet (har har) too in letting me have one of everything so I could try them out. HEART!!" If that wasn't enough, Elites also participated in a "guac off" competition, where they could bring their own homemade guacamole or salsa for everyone to try and enter to win tickets to California Beer Fest in Santa Cruz on July 28! Yep, Elites like to eat out but they definitely know how to throw down when it comes to making their own food… Audrey C will attest: "Every concoction made was super good."

Preppy Collage 2
To round off the theme, venue and occasion. there was badmintion going on in the West Lawn ('cause when you have a party at a mansion, there's got to be a West lawn), where guests kicked off their shoes to get down. "Playing badmintion barefoot & in a dress was personally a highlight for me because I LOVE badminton, adequately dressed or no," gushed Anna K. And certainly not to be forgotten was Constellation, the barbershop quartet based out of South Bay who wooed the crowd with their old-timey a capella hits. "The entertainment was fun, swooned Emmalouise B. "A quartet which announced to me 'this one is for you' while I was chilling on the steps. How sweet!"

Read all the 5-star reviews on the biz listing and definitely check out the amazing photos by Jorge Novoa on the South Bay-Peninsula Flickr page

Until our next fancy affair, SYOY!

Abby Preppy
Abby S, South Bay-Peninsula Community Manager