PVD Elites Experience Generosity Like Never Before @ The Capital Grille’s Generous Pour Elite Event

The Capital Grille was more than generous with their Generous Pour Elite Event on Thursday night in Providence – they went all out for us! Add to the delectable wines, fabulous food and swoon-worthy crooner the dazzling white attire of each guest, and we had a truly elegant evening on our hands! In the words of Monika S, "it was a gorgeous night and perfect setting for wine and cheese – five stars all the way!"

Carly B "felt the presence of white-clad Elite guardian angels at work gifting us a gorgeous summer night for a patio party" perfect for sipping "the sparkling rose and my favorite, the smooth Slovenian Simcic." Melanie D found the bartenders to be "very friendly and helpful with making recommendations and explaining the details" of the selected wines. "The Capital Grille was on top of its game last night when it came to wine selection," gushes Aly K, who loved that "each glass was hand-picked and delicious!"

"Now let's get down to the good stuff: the unlimited glasses of delicious wines and endless trays of mind-blowing food." Kisha T's "favorites were the beef and lobster sliders. Sweet sassy molassy, these were incredible! The steak was cooked to perfection and the lobster chunks were huge, buttery and delicious." For those of the vegetarian persuasion, the "roasted veggies were perfectly-cooked," but Marcy L lost her curd over the "cheese table! The fig compote was delicious, as was the brie." The tuna tartare on cucumber was "a perfect, fresh summer bite" in Carly B's mouth.

"Generous is quite the understatement for this event!" Erin R "knew going into it that it would be classy, but never expected to be serenaded" by the sweet musical stylings of Tony Cerbo, who was "crooning away" for the duration of the evening. It was "an absolutely perfect summer evening, sipping the very best of Capital Grille's wine selection! All of this while being completely surrounded by white had me convinced that I had died and gone to heaven." Not so, Erin – just downtown PVD!

"The Capital Grill put together an amazing tasting" and was indeed "very generous with the pour. The food was excellent." Justin B saw Brad Smith "everywhere snapping photos," and Mark S thought Shutterbooth was so much fun, he's ready to put "one of those in my house!"

Until next time, my little angels!

Hilary H

Yelp Providence Community Manager