Manhattan Treated To A Generous Pour At The Capital Grille

Nine wines. Mountains of shrimp. Lobster tails for days. Lamb chops like a bauce. Sparkling rosé, whaa? Crème brûlée – get off my lawn! What do all these fabulous little vittles have in common? They were in no short supply this past Sunday during Yelp's Generous Pour at The Capital Grille. Situated in the world's financial capital inside the elegant grandeur of the historic Equitable Building, Lower Manhattanites flock to where the commerce capital rubs elbows with the culinary capital to enjoy such items as Kona Crusted Dry Aged Sirloin and fresh Citrus Glazed Salmon on the reg, while sipping on acclaimed wines from one of the most extensive cellars in all of downtown. But on Sunday, it was all Yelp Elite, all day.Cg1

This Elite Event for the ages featured up close and personal appearances from Chef Jim Nutezi, curator of the fine selection of food stuffs that wowed everyone in attendance, and Master Sommelier, George Miliotes, ensured that each flavor profile was matched with the perfect wine varietal to bring the palate to the borders of Nirvana. Cg2

Don't believe us? Pfft, see with your own eyes what yelpers thought of this legendary affair here. Want to scope a few pictures? You can do so here. In your post-coital phases, feel free to tap back into the good times by tweeting at @TheWineMaster to share your favorite memories, and be sure to hashtag it #generouspour12.