Yelp St. Louis Elites Get Lei’d @ The Schlafly Tap Room

Aloha! Since St. Louis gets hit with soaring temperatures and loads of humidity every summer, we at Yelp figured… if it's going to be this hot, we might as well act like we're in Hawaii. Thanks to our stellar June elite event at The Schlafly Tap Room, for a few minutes, we forgot that we're completely landlocked! It was a night of true luau fun, and St. Louis elites got lei'd like the rockstars they truly are.


After checking in to the party, each elite received a lei that they used in an icebreaker that got everyone talking & meeting each other! Along with a lei, they each pulled a word, and the goal was to get other elites to say their word without that person knowing what it is. Long story short, whoever got lei'd the most by the end of the night was the winner (obviously) and was handed a gift certificate to the Tap Room! In between conversations, guests nibbled on quite the spread put out by the folks at Schlafly. Yummy veggies, pitas and dips, and St. Louis meats and cheeses kept everyone full, happy, and filled with the energy they needed to party.


After guests had the chance to catch up with each other and snag two Schlafly beers of their choice, it was time for the hula-hoop contest! Eight brave yelpers got up on the stage to show us their best hoop moves, and we had winners in both the "longest hula-hooper" category and the "most unique hula-hooper" category. Elite yelper Hao X impressed us by doing some sort of neck hula-hoop move while jumping up and down. Lots of laughs could be heard throughout the room, and they were followed by a huge round of applause! Nice work, ladies and gentlemen.


Next up was the performance that had people talking all evening! The ladies from the Hawaiian Polynesian Revue joined us for an authentic, exciting, and rhythm-filled performance. As if their dances and costumes weren't entertaining enough, they pulled yelpers on stage to teach them some moves of their own! Turns out we have some real pros on our elite squad. Perhaps the funniest part of the whole thing is when guests followed the dancers around and kept their hands on their hips while they shook it to the beat.


As always, a themed photo wall kept yelpers busy all night with fun props like inflatable palm trees, flamingos, beach balls, and oversized sunglasses. A+ for the creative of the costumes, too! On the way out, there was a candy & schwag buffet waiting along with super-cool Yelp tote bags to put everything in. Starburst and Yelpstick? Does it get any better?


This was truly a special evening, and as always, the St. Louis elite squad impressed me with their dress-up skills & eagerness to have a great time at a cool local biz. It was a night that will be remembered by all (in very bright colors!) Make sure to check out all the five star reviews, as well as the full set of photos. Special thanks to Cryrolfe Photography & DMGillespie Photography for capturing the whole evening on camera, and The Schlafly Tap Room for hosting the party of the summer!

Until the next one

Aimee K (pictured below with Yelp STL intern Bri S!)
Yelp St. Louis Community Manager