Yelp Miami Kicks Off Summer

So, yeah. Summertime in Miami = rain. And, sometimes, lots of it. But meteorological tomfoolery wasn’t enough to dampen the intrepid spirits of the Yelp Miami Elite Squad. The Perry South Beach teamed up with The One Group and STK to ensure that South Florida’s finest elites got their fill of Summer Chill.

YelpElite (AJH_20120608_D3B5217) YelpElite (AJH_20120608_D3B5246) YelpElite (AJH_20120608_D3B5247) YelpElite (AJH_20120608_D3B5306)

Summer eats are all about light, easy, healthy(ish), and, most importantly, delicious. The food of the evening fired on all of the above cylinders. Guests raved about the Mini Veggie and Hummus Panini, Mini Greek Salad Pita Pockets, Short Rib with Horseradish Cream & Crispy Onions, Chili oil Tuna & Mango Tartar on Cucumber, Steamed Chicken Pot Stickers with Spicy Soy, and Grilled Shrimp with Habanero Glaze & Coriander Cream. The delectable morsels just kept coming throughout the evening. It seemed no matter where an Elite turned, there was a gracious server ready to present her with a luscious lite bite.

YelpElite (AJH_20120608_D3B5224) YelpElite (AJH_20120608_D3B5232) YelpElite (AJH_20120608_D3B5233) YelpElite (AJH_20120608_D3B5236)

This isn’t to say that a summer chill can’t work up a thirst. Thankfully, the expert bartenders of STK were armed with the radical rum and bodacious bubbly of flipflop. This leading libation crafted three signature beverages of the evening: Summer Splash, Pink Paradise and Caribbean Shooter. If rum wasn’t one's cup o’ tea for, Elites sipped on flutes of champagne and the signature summer bellini.

YelpElite (AJH_20120608_D3B5212) YelpElite (AJH_20120608_D3B5226) YelpElite (AJH_20120608_D3B5249) YelpElite (AJH_20120608_D3B5258)

DJ Aulden Brown and DJ Obscene kept the beats bouncing all night but the real show began when male & female models dazzled the crowd in multiple signature looks from Big Drop & Cutler Salon. As they made their turns in the gorgeous clothes, Elites knew summer was certainly here in the 305. And if there wasn’t enough action going on, three guests were big winners of the generous raffle: Melanie A won a two-night stay at The Perry, Eve C won a dinner for two at STK and Whitney K won a $100 gift certificate to Big Drop. If this is just the beginning of summer, stay tuned for even more hotness. For photographic proof, just check out the fantastic fotos of Alex H here. And, if you prefer summer reading, enjoy what guests had to say here.

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Chilling out,

Johnny T