Yelp’s 100 Days of Summer – Kickoff Party 2

Yelp's 100 Days of Summer is in full swing and Day 4 treated yelpers to a Summer Jammy Jam Sesh at Ford Amphitheatre. Guests were encouraged to party in their PJs at the historic outdoor venue built right into a hill off the 101 Freeway!

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The night started off beautifully with free parking, courtesy of Ford! Not paying for parking in LA is like winning the lottery… so attendees scored big before even checking in! Onesied, robed, and slippered yelpers made their way inside to Edison Plaza to snag a tote bag for their generous $5 donation, as well as sign up for tours of the Ford and a sneak peek of Ford's Summer J.A.M. series, where they showed off their inner Afro-Cuban on stage by playing instruments to the cultural beats and moving their hips like whoa. Totes were customized by the creative dudes from Grow Your Own Media with the Yelp's 100 Days of Summer logo and burst. Another win since LA has banned plastic bags!

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When not beating a drum or customizing a tote, there was plenty of grub to ingest! Giamela's was serving up some loaded peppersteak and turkey sandwiches, Pitfire Pizza brought their signature meatballs and light and healthy chopped salad, and Lola's was making everyone swoon over the smell of freshly-made French toast and mac 'n cheese. Who doesn't love bfast for dinner? As if there wasn't enough alcohol already courtesy of Pass the Bottle (a hefty selection that would impress any vino) and Golden Road Brewing (helloooo LA-decorated cans of Point the Way IPA and Hef), Cake Bar one-upped the alcohol ante with mini margarita cupcakes! There were liquid treats of the non-alcoholic variety, too thanks to Secret Squirrel Cold Brew and Raw Cane SuperJuice Bar samplers.

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DJ LA Muerte kept the plaza mood on point with soft jams that created the perfect background soundtrack for a night under the stars. Photobooths are neat, but they've got nothin' on Flippin' Cool flip books. One still shot isn't enough for these fantastic folks, oh no. Instead they captured a 20-second strip of silliness and then transformed the animated magic into a flip book as a fun take-home gift! The tie-dyed duo from LA Foodie was live podcasting throughout the evening and even scooped up 5 unsuspecting Elites for a game of "What Did We Put In Your Mouth?", where blindfolded victims were given a shot of a mystery liquid and attempted to guess the ingredients. Let's just say they're Elite for their writing skills as opposed to their guessing skills!

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Upon leaving the venue to roll into bed, Yelp App savvy soireers received a Yelp watch when they flashed their Yelp Check-In. And just when they thought their night was over, they were bombarded with bubbles from the Bath Petals Natural Beauty Truck! The spaphiles went crazy over the complimentary bath salts and gels!

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A huge jammy jam thank you goes out to everyone who helped make this night a memorable one, especially Picture Healing, for without them we'd all be without the token visual memories documented on the LA Flickr page. One's thing's for sure… yelpers may have been ready for bed, but they sure didn't hit the snooze button when it came to sharing their experiences on the review page!

Sweet summer dreams,


Katie B

LA East Community Manager