Yelp Dallas’s Passport to Deep Ellum

Deep Ellum: One of those rare neighborhoods that exudes both orignality and sustainability. Through the years the spunky spread of shops, restaurants, music venues, studios, venues, and more has served as a visual timeline for Dallas. From the early hay days of packed music venues and vibrant murals to emerging from a rough decade of decline in community support – Deep Ellum is a survivor and they have the scrappy scars to prove it! Just Southeast of Downtown Dallas, the bold effervescence resonates in every storefront and every business owner's passion for their local hood. How could we not choose it as Yelp Dallas's destination for the Yelp Passport Campaign?


On May 7th 2012, something wonderful happened. Yelp Dallas infiltrated Deep Ellum for Yelp's Passport to Deep Ellum – a two week long celebration of the historic neighborhood. From discounted PinUp shoots customized just for you at the Dallas PinUp to 20% off your meal if you ride your eco-friendly bike to BuzzbrewsDeep Ellum was a non-stop community love fest. A glowing itinerary kept the Yelpers busy as they hit the streets in support of Deep Ellum.

Leading Table1

In true local fashion, Yelp coordinated a Cash Mob. What's a Cash Mob you say!? A cash mob happens when a group of people go on a collective spending spree in support of a favorite local business. Yelp Dallas set up a time, a meeting place, and a secret spending location: pretty much everything you need to give a shop a quick hit of cash and community love. Good deeds never looked so good!

  Cashmob Millennium  Millennium3
Cameras Millennium2

On May 17th, 30 peeps gathered at the Passport Mural. Anticipation rose higher and higher as Yelpers anxiously followed Frances G through the streets of Deep Ellum for the top secret Yelp's Passport to Deep Ellum Cash Mob! Millennium, a quirky vintage store stocked to the brim with good finds, was the destination. In the few short hours of shopping we raised more than a busy Friday afternoon for the lovely local spot. Please visit the pics provided by Thomas Garza Photography.

Thanks to the awesome local supporters, we were able to support such a well-deserving local business! It was such an inspiration to see the ideals of Yelp actually being employed: supporting a local business while engaging with their community!

Local art group, ArtLoveMagic even joined in on the community love by producing a Yelp-customized mural in honor of Yelp's Passport to Deep Ellum and even captured the creation in this upbeat and inspirational video: Yelp Passport Mural Video.


Get involved, help support local business and the local community by experiencing the vibrant, one-of-a-kind neighborhood, Deep Ellum. For further support of the neighborhood and ways to be involved, please visit Deep Ellum Community Association. A huge Thank You to all of the Deep Ellum participating businesses, the Deep Ellum Foundation, the Deep Ellum Community Asscociation, and Abstract Method Marketing for allowing this amazing initiative to happen.

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