Yelp Check-in Comments

Have you ever seen a friend check into a business on Yelp and wanted to let them know you highly approve of their choice? Or, perhaps want to give them an insider tip to order the srichacha hot wings that aren’t on the menu or, better yet, you’re 15 minutes away and will be right there (so they can have a beer waiting for you)?

Previously, there wasn’t a good way to do this via Yelp check-ins, but starting today, we’re making the ability to holla’ at your friends a whole lot easier! Users can now like and comment on their friends' check-ins on both our iPhone and Android applications.


Check-in Comments are different than Tips, meaning only you (and not prospective customers or the particular business that you’re in) can see the comments or likes made by your friends. Just like all Yelp notifications, you can opt in to get alerted to Check-in Comments and likes through push notifications — so you never miss a tip, like or shout! 

With the Yelp app being used on an average of more than 6 million unique mobile devices per month last quarter, it’s obviously a popular way to connect with great local businesses. Starting today, we hope you enjoy this new way to connect with one another on Yelp.