Hula Gonna Call? Boston Elites Have A Cheeky Tiki Good Time!


Under threat of looming May showers, sacrifices were made and totems carved ensuring beautifully sunny skies for Boston's Cheeky Tiki Elite Event! More than 150 Elites and guests discovered a hidden spot for sunbathing while sipping Singapore slings in DTXThe Terrace at Avenue One. The mini oasis offers uncovered outdoor cocktailing whilst avoiding the crowds of, oh, any other patio in the city. And for one night, it hung ten!


After getting lei'd, guests sauntered outside where Chef Kelly stoked the coals for a night of grilling. Fear not, roastable swine! 'Twas spiced tenderloined, seared and carved, then stacked under brie and caramelized onions on a toasted brioche bun. Lobster mac and cheese circulated the crowd in wee espresso cups, lamb chops tantalized, wonton shrimp dared and the big Trio (portabello, goat cheese and grape tomatoes on toast points) fed the veggies! The punch was most definitely Polynesian as Bacardi-backed Blue Hawaiians and Constellation wines soothed the scorch of culinary fire dancing.


Serenading the crowd with sweet riffs and tubular bass lines, Surf's Up, Spicoli! brought a little signature surf rock to the party and a lot of sway to hips within earshot. And they weren't the only one's keeping Elites occupied: Constellation encouraged guests to virtually "Pass The Bottle," the Hyatt Regency offered a one-night stay to a lucky Yelper who checked-in to the luau and to the winners of a hula contest that told the tale of Paul Revere, Bacardi bestowed beacoup-buck box seats to a Sox game! Congrats to Lindsay M and John M for their animated portrayal of that fateful ride 🙂



Finally, nobody left the party without a Shasta Tiki Punch and a complimentary app from Avenue One. Tatsu went Spider-Man to snap some amazing photos (tag away on Facebook), the Talk boards are alive with Tiki buzz and the five-star reviews are as endless as those sliders. Summer is here, Yelpers; get Elite badge and keep your Tiki hand strong.



Damien S (with Yelpterns Virginia B and Sue H)