Halifax Yelpers Party Prohibition-Style!

How do you top a three-day weekend of early summer weather in Halifax? You cap it off with an Elite Event of course! On Tuesday, May 22, Elites in-the-know smuggled their way into Onyx for Yelp's Spiced Speakeasy – a night of classic cocktails, haute couture canapés, and Blackjack!

Now, if you overlook the whole sobriety deal, this party sure made Prohibition look like fun! Jill M says it best: "Cocktails at Onyx? Pretend blackjack? Delicious appetizers? The opportunity to wear a fedora in honour of the 1920s theme? Yeah, I was in from the moment I heard the work cocktails."


The masters of mixology behind the bar were fully stocked with Dock 57 Spiced Whisky and ready to unleash their creativity upon unsuspecting Yelpers. It didn't take long for Leslie F to realize that "the bartenders at Onyx definitely know what they're doing." Their unique twists on the Manhattan, Dark 'n Stormy, and Mint Julep were most certainly not "just some average two-ingredient beverages," while a Ginger Chai cocktail made with an in-house Ginger Beer and syrup "was like drinking alcoholic cinnamon hearts (in the best possible way)!"


In between sips, Elites savoured sensational snacks that showed off Onyx's recently revamped menu. "The appetizers were all perfect," by Sandra M's standards. With "tuna carpaccio, haddock, smoked duck, lamb, beef, lobster varieties and more" on the docket, it's safe to say no one left hungry! Carnivores lusted after the Butter Poached Lobster bites but the Chickpea Truffles stole the hearts of veggies and omnivores alike. Meghan W "loved that the hors d'oeuvres were from the Spring/Summer menu, so we totally got a preview."


Once the Dock 57 clouded judgement all round, Yelp's Blackjack table certainly heated up! Kyle S split his time between teaching newbies and taking seasoned pros for all they had (don't worry – Yelp buttons were the currency of the night!). The perfect way to play, according to Colleen D! "Kyle made a great blackjack dealer, enjoyed our turn at the tables and being able to leave without having lost anything from the pocketbook." As for the allegations of cheating? Well, it wouldn't be a Speakeasy without a little scandal…

Catch all the party reviews or post your own if you haven't already and be sure to check out the photos courtesy of Faces Halifax. Want on the guest list for next time? Better get to work on your Eliteness!

Until next time, see you on Yelp!


Ben B

Yelp Halifax Community Manager