Around the World in 80 Yelps @ Arya in Redwood City

Arya collage 1Have you ever been to a restaurant that serves Italian, Mediterranean and Persian food, all on the same menu? Neither had South Bay-Peninsula Elites, until they visited Arya Global Cuisine this week at our most recent event, Around the World in 80 Yelps! That's right, they got a passport to several foreign lands without leaving the comfort of Redwood City.

Because Arya serves such a wide variety of food, spanning several countries, it only made sense to ask everyone to dress up in some sort of international attire. Elites and their +1’s showed up looking fabulous in Brazilian soccer jerseys, Japanese kimonos, Hawaiian lei’s as well as Indian Saris. Very chic, indeed!

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As they arrived at the restaurant, a buffet of deliciousness awaited the attendees. We’re talking hummus, eggplant, chicken and beef skewers, rice and dates alongside fresh fruit, bruschetta and sambosas. And that wasn’t the end! Arya’s gracious staff brought out plate after plate of their specialty dish, pomegranate pistachio meatballs and a lemon-flavored cheesecake. Dorothy L was so impressed with their spread that her “tummy was rumbling” after writing her 5-star review! She “really can't wait to go back and have all these dishes again.” 

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To accompany the food, Duvel was on-hand, offering several varieties of Belgian Ale. They even brought fancy souvenir beer glasses for guests to take home. Nice touch! Not to be outdone, large servings of Simply Naked and Cadet d’Oc were poured for all of the wine enthusiasts to enjoy. Cin-cin, darlings!

Mike and Fera, the huband and wife duo who owns the restaurant, were excited to have such a large, vivacious crowd in the restaurant. They thanked everyone for coming and explained how wonderful it has been opening up their second restaurant in the last few months. In addition, they raffled off two gift certificates to the restaurant for lucky Yelpers to return. After the announcements were over, they revealed a special surprise: their head belly dancer, Maria, was there to entertain the crowd with her mad skillz! Maria won the hearts of several Elites, including Cat V: "Can't forget that sexy belly dancer! She was kind enough to show some of us how to move that booty. Mmhmm, that's right, she was hot!" Arya offers all sorts of entertainment on weekends, including live belly dancing, jazz and Spanish acoustic guitar.

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Last but certainly not least, LiveFoto brought their portable photo booth for everyone to enjoy! They are new to the Bay Area and can do both inside and the occasional outdoor event… Check out their latest adventures in Dolores Park!

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"W-O-W. Those 3 letters don't even describe the wowness of this event.The staff at Arya blew my mind. They were overly attentive (not in a bad way), friendly, and easy to laugh with. The owner and his wife gave such a heartwarming speech. If that didn't seal the deal of making me want to come back and visit, the food definitely did," raved Kailey O. Couldn't have said it better ourselves, Kailey!

Check out all the reviews, event photos as well as photo booth pics! And until then, SYOY!

Abby Beret

Abby "mustachio" S, South Bay-Peninsula Community Manager