Yelp Nashville Elites Dream Of Sushi & Sake Too!


Nashville Elites may reside in the deep South but the time came for us to veer to the East for a Sushi, Sake, and Film extravaganza!  The weather couldn't be more perfect as we gathered at host Zumi Sushi's patio for a tasty sushi buffet   that featured broadly appealing fish classics as well as vegetarian options. Jennifer N  enjoyed the option of several tasty rolls to choose from that included tempura shrimp, a salmon with cream cheese and a vegetable roll.

"All were delectable and went rather nicely with the cocktails. I also had the chance to try the soba noodle bowl off the menu- fresh and chockfull of vegetables." Surpsiringly, Kaleena H even admitted, "The sushi was delicious…I enjoyed their crunchy shrimp roll and their take on the philly roll, which while I normally don't like philly rolls, I enjoyed this one!"

Meanwhile, Hannah J was completely smitten with The Garden Of Eden which included delicious tequila cocktail with bell pepper, cilantro, bitters and pineapple gastrique. It was definitely a "highlight" that was concocted by husband – wife duo and craft cocktail innovators PourTaste. "They were so thoughtfully crafted and hand made. I'm a sucker for a fancy drink."

"PourTaste offered up some entertainment and nice flavors with Jon and Lindsay at the helm", gushes Daniel D. "Jon mixes a drink while seemingly only shaking a shakerback and forth, but with a complex rhythmic sound…I am still trying to figure that one out! Very cool. The only draw back was that I didn't return for round two!

Although, Christian S is "pretty sure a better day has never existed for this Elite Event to have been held: 75 degrees and hardly a cloud in the sky. Which is why Zumi Sushi is a fantastic choice for any day you're hungry and also want to appreciate the weather. They have a great patio with a bar that extends outside and the entrance to therestaurant is a large, open-air walkway rather than a swinging door, so even inside diners can enjoy the weather." We still had more fun to come with a screening of Jiro Dreams Of Sushi at Nashville's beloved independent theatre the Belcourt Theatre which happens to be one of the few theaters nationwide that still show their movies on 35mm film.

Peter K's thoughts on his film experience: "The documentary hit home on so many different levels. If you're any kind of a sushi/food/whatever fan, go see this movie. Thestory behind the relationship of father, son, and fish really is intriguing. Jiro didn't just earn 3 Michelin stars for nothing." Meanwhile, Paul K couldn't help but reminisce, "Themovie was very interesting and appreciated. I've been going to the Belcourt since I was a kid, so it's always an interesting time stepping back in and remembering that I saw Fantasia here as a child…"

Take a peek at all the photos and reviews from our very special evening. Major thanks goes out to photographer J Bryan Dill for capturing our fun time on film and to Patrick Burke of Zumi Sushi, Cindy Wall of the Belcourt and Jon & Lindsay Yeager of PourTaste. Nashville Elites commend you!

Until our next adventure!
Marcia M
Sr. Community Manager – Yelp Nashville