Yelp Party Animals Run Wild At The Honolulu Zoo

The call of the wild brought 1200+ Honolulu yelpers to the Honolulu Zoo for Yelp Uncaged! Co-sponsored by the City and County of Honolulu, guests dressed up in their beastliest attire for the yelpiest event in town. The Honolulu Zoo Society collected donations at the door and the Yelp community generously dished out almost $3100 in donations! Inside, the Honolulu Zoo brought out a few animals from their petting zoo to interact with party goers early in the evening.

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Be it hunter or gatherer, Yelp Uncaged fattened everyone up with food sampling galore from some of Hawaii's favorite eateries. Pop-up concepts, The Pig and the Lady and Miso & Ale delighted palates, while deep fried fanatics got their fill on Paul's Poppers and Street Frites.

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Waikiki favorites Hula Grill and PF Chang's charmed tummies with chicken lollipops and lettuce wraps. While locally owned Grylt and Tanioka's dished out delights of grilled fare, ahi patties and maki sushi.

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But that's only the tip of the iceberg! Herbivore-friendly fare, was served up by the folks at The GroveBlue Hawaii Lifestyle and Whole Foods. Party yeeps pounced on savory snacks from Hawaiian Chip Company and tasted the rainbow at Primo Popcorn.

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If that weren't enough, saber-sized sweet tooths were satiated with treats from Hawaiian CheesecakesSweet RevengeFairy Cakes and Uncle Clay's House of Pure Aloha. Rawr.

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As the sun set and stars began to twinkle, Mystical Sounds set the mood with neon lit trees and pumpin' beats that got those hooves tapping and tails swaying. Where else are you going to see the Yelpicorn (a yelping unicorn), a flying monkey and the Geico Gecko gettin' down? Recognize. The crew from Lightsleepers made their imaginations come to life through paintings of monkeys and lions.

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The folks at Shokudo kept the crowd bumpin' with an assortment of saketinis, sake shots and bevvies courtesy of Miller-Lite, Coors Light, Blue Moon and Waialua Soda Works. Aloha Beer showed its 808 spirit with an assortment of three locally brewed draft beers. Menehune Water quenched the herd's thirst with water stations.

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The Mobile Gamer Guys were surefire crowd pleasers as yelpers played Dance Central on the grass and geeked out on an assortment of games inside a tricked out RV. Color Whims etched out everyone's favorite Yelp glitter tattoos, while Confetti's Party Services brought animal instincts to life with amazing face painting effects.

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A million memories were being captured frame by frame at the Flipbooks Hawaii booth and everyone took their new profile pic at the Yelp photo station sponsored by Hawaii Photo Rental. The event went viral with social media kiosks by Pacific Digital Signs as guests took fun photos which were instantly shared on Twitter and Facebook.

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Maleko from Star 101.9 emceed the main stage events which featured basketball tricks by Kalani Ahmed, two flash mobs as part of National Dance Week Hawaii and a stunning aerial act by Samadhi Hawaii.

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To reward our fiercely furry friends for dressing up in animalistic attire, the night was capped off with a Yelpiest costume contest. Lucky first and second place winners, Gorilla's Best Day Ever and Barf (from Spaceballs) won roundtrip airfare to any US destination courtesy of Alaska Air!

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